The Fragment Table has Reached its Maximum Threshold 16

The Fragment Table has Reached its Maximum Threshold 16 The Fragment Table has Reached its Maximum Threshold 16, if you are getting this error on your cisco router, please follow the under given instructions. %IP_VFR-4-FRAG_TABLE_OVERFLOW: FastEthernet0/0: the fragment table has reached its maximum threshold 16, if you are getting the above given error on your …

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How To Save Configuration Of A CISCO Router On An FTP Location

I don’t like to make this process very lengthy and full of steps indicating to do many things. Its good to save the configuration of your router to an external FTP server from where you can restore the configuration in just few minutes and can save your precious time finding the things around. First Login …

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How To Set Date, Time And Time Zone In CISCO 2811 Router

Sometimes its quite necessary to setup the Date, Time and Time Zone of a CISCO router because if you need to take the backup of your router on regular basis and you want to use the kron (Schedule) to take the backup automatically it will sure ask you to set your clock first and then …

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How to show IOS version in CISCO Router and Switches

CISCO routers and switches use the same set of commands and resembles very much to LINUX commands. You just need to remember the command and you will always remain the CHAMP. Commands are given as under to show the IOS and hardware information on CISCO router  and switches: Command: show version or show hardware

How to block bit torrent on CISCO router with NBAR

Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) is really a great idea, i know its not new one but worked for most of the purposes like blocking bit torrent traffic, mp3 and many more bandwidth wasting things. The resources provided here assist you in configuring your network to provide the appropriate level of service to these applications.You …

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How to forward a port on CISCO Router 2811

Its really easy to forward a port at your CISCO router 2811. If you have configured your server for simple NAT and looking to forward a port from outside world to inside of your network then you are at a right location. Check the command under given; ip nat inside source static tcp [Private IP …

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