How To Uninstall Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Microsoft has released windows internet explorer 9 beta few weeks back and its pretty successful and handy for most of the user and almost 99% people liked it very much but if you feel uncomfortable with windows internet explorer 9 you can uninstall it and revert back the settings to internet explorer 8. I know that everyone will think that by going to programs and features anyone can uninstall windows internet explorer but there is one trick that you have to play to uninstall it and that is to check the View installed updates check box to see windows internet explorer in programs and features.

InternetExplorer9 Follow the under given instructions to remove windows internet explorer.

Go to start menu and enter appwiz.cpl command to open programs and features

Check the check box “View installed updates”

Go to windows internet explorer beta 9 and uninstall by right clicking on it

WOW!!! you are done.

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