Magic Of Windows Key In Windows7

Windows7 is in market and very successful in all aspect of uses. There are very handy and easy functions available in windows that can make it very fast to use and manage your opened windows, desktop icons, quick launch programs, etc. Let me share a list of the cooler keyboard shortcuts that you can now use in Windows 7 for quickly managing your windows.

1. Dragging any window against the LEFT, RIGHT, TOP and BOTTOM edge of the screen will perform the following operation:

    • LEFT: Align window to the left side of screen, vertically maximize window and fill about half the screen horizontally

    • RIGHT: Anchor window against right side of screen, vertically maximize window and fill about half the screen horizontally

    • TOP: Maximize the window

    • BOTTOM: This will minimize the active windows at the task bar

2. WINDOWS KEY + LEFT/RIGHT/UP/DOWN: Dock the current focused window against the LEFT or RIGHT side of the screen.

3. WINDOWS-KEY + UP/DOWN: Maximize the current focused window to full screen (UP) or restore it’s original size (DOWN) or minimize it to the taskbar (DOWN again)

    • Add SHIFT to the keystrokes above to send windows across multiple monitors to other desktops.

4. WINDOWS-KEY + HOME: Hide all windows except the current focused window. Pressing the keystroke again will un-hide all the hidden windows. This is a convenience keystroke for visually de-cluttering your monitor.

5. WINDOWS-KEY + SPACE: Momentarily make all windows transparent, allowing you to look at your desktop.

windows key   tab

6. WINDOWS-KEY + TAB: It will show all the opened windows in 3D format on the desktop

windows key   T

7. WINDOWS-KEY + T: This will focus the taskbar and allow you to use LEFT and RIGHT to cycle through the apps on the taskbar.

8. WINDOWS-KEY + 1/2/3/4/5: Will automatically launch 1-5 of the pinned icons from your Taskbar for you. For example, if Firefox is my first pinned icon on my taskbar, you can launch it with WINDOWS-KEY + 1 and so on.

9. Hold CTRL + SHIFT + LEFT-CLICK to automatically launch an application in Administrative mode. No need to right-click > Run as Administrator anymore.

10. Hold CTRL while clicking on a taskbar icon that has multiple instances of the app open will cycle through all the windows of that same kind. For example, having 5 Firefox windows open, I can hold CTRL and keep clicking the Firefox taskbar icon, and each window will popup focused until I see the one I want.

11. Hold SHIFT + LEFT-CLICK on any application icon in the taskbar (pinned or unpinned) will start another instance of whatever app you clicked on.

    • TIP: You can even just use a single MIDDLE-CLICK on the application to launch a second copy if your mouse has a 3rd middle mouse button.

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