Microsoft Security Essentials error 0X80508023

Microsoft Security Essentials is no doubt a very good, efficient and easy anti-virus, anti-malware software provided by the Microsoft but it has many issues like I had stated in my earlier posts given as under;
Microsoft Security Essentials Update Error
Microsoft Security Essentials Installation Error
Today i like to share another very strange error given by Microsoft Security Essentials, I don’t think so that a good developer will make a mistake like this or there may be any reason to show this error but this is the most annoying error I had ever got on any security software. I attached an empty USB with my laptop early this morning and tried to scan it with Microsoft Security Essentials but it didn’t worked out. It was showing an error message given as under;


I was shocked looking at the error message because there was not even a single file in the USB drive to scan.


Please add any text or image file in your USB or other drive and this error will be gone.

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  1. I have the same problem with my 500GB hard disc. I can not scan it,open it or add and save any file in there but the weird thing is that i can run all the programs and games i had in there. Do you think that this is a software or hardware error?? need help :S


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