Make Your FreeBSD Desktop Look Like APPLE MAC

FreeBSD is a UNIX flavor and a really very good operating system in terms of server side but many users like me like to use it as a client side operating system with all of its openness and reliability. Gone are the days when there was a little number of packages and ports were available in UNIX and people like to prefer other operating systems like windows and apple. Now a days you have more options in FreeBSD than any other operating system having this much reliability and speed. You can even find a complete port and package that can make the desktop of your FreeBSD look like apple MAC. You will feel that you are originally using apple. Icon, menus and everything will look like apple MAC and people are still working on it on daily basis to make it more perfect and appealing.

mac theme for freebsd

If you are familiar with the ports type of installation in FreeBSD (The easiest way to install any application on freebsd) you will find this port in just few seconds and with two or three more seconds you would be ready to go but if you are not familiar with this type of installation you can find the FreeBSD package for this theme. Let me share a link for more information about the port available in FreeBSD to install this marvelous theme on your FreeBSD system.

gtk-Mac2-Theme Port Information

If the ports have been installed on your system you can find a directory under /usr with the name of ports, the path is given as under:


For further information on how to install and use the ports in FreeBSD please follow the under given link:

FreeBSD Ports Usage