ERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user ‘username’@’%’ (using password: YES)

The above given is a simple error which shows that the user don’t have access to login from the console but this can turn into a nightmare if you were able to login a couple of moments ago and now you are getting this error. After a couple of moment when you enter a command show databases and you only get test database and nothing else, you will certainly knock your head in the wall. but keep calm take a deep breath, think twice and then shutdown the MySQL Server.

Go to /etc/my.cnf

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Easiest way to Reissue A Command From History In Linux

Linux command line is the best way to utilize the operating system according to your needs by using powerful and easy commands. History command is really great way to see the issued commands in a list. This can help to investigate any problem occurred due to wrong command issued. How to use history command is …

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FreeBSD 8.1 has been Released

In my last post about FreeBSD I shared an overview of this marvelous operating system that believe on security, speed, high performance and reliability that no one else can give till now. People say that FreeBSD servers can run more than three years continuously without restarting, no windows server can think about this period. The …

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Ultimate tutorials to Create BASH scripts

Creating scripts in BASH is really great fun as well as unleashing the power of LINUX and UNIX operating systems. BASH script can do anything you like to do using the UNIX and LINUX operating systems. It can serve as a startup script or can perform a better job in cronjobs. You just need to …

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how to check full hard drive size in LINUX Command line

Commands are really great in LINUX environment and specially in command line, they really rocks everything. You can get any information about your system you like. I was wondering and looking for a command that can give me the total hard drive size in LINUX. I can use a tool available on the internet but …

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how to use internet on LINUX command line

lynx is probably the best web browser I had ever used. I started using this browser in 2005 and found this thing really handy, fast and efficient. You don’t need to use a mouse and no need to have pictures, just internet and information on the screen. No need to block any website and no …

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Top 10 Handy LINUX Commands

Handy commands will always help you to do your daily tasks on a LINUX system or server. You just need to remember and use them on time and you will perfectly get best results. Few Commands are given as under which can save your lot of time.

1. pgrep

pgrep will give you the currently running processes and lists the process IDs which matches the selection criteria.

pgrep ssh

2. Execute The Last Executed Command

If you like to reissue a command again you need to type the whole path and command again to get the results, you can just enter the under given command;


3. Execute The Last Command Starting With some letter

If you want to execute a command a command from history starting with the letter S you can use the following command: This will execute the last command used on the command line that started with s.


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how to control grub using GUI tool


I like to test more than one operating system at the same time so that i can give a better support to the users. Being an IT person and if you have more than 100 users it would be difficult to spare any time even to waste on booting the system more than two three times in a day and then wait for it to come to the boot menu and select the appropriate operating system to boot into and test the desired things. Isn’t it annoying when you want to reboot from Linux into Windows or vice-versa, and you have to wait for the machine to shut down, the BIOS to initialize just so that you can now select the OS that you want to boot into? grub-choose-default gives you a GUI that you can use to easily select the next default for grub and you can go and grab a snack while your computer reboots without having to wait for anything.  It’s a very simple program that just reads your grub menu entries and then lets you click on the one you want to be the next default.

 Screenshot grub-choose-default 0.6

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