Make Your IT System More Efficient, Secure And Flexible With VMware

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Reduce the cost and complexity of your IT infrastructure, this is the saying of VMware to all the virtualization lovers. VMware is the most easiest and efficient software I had ever used for virtual machines, there are many other softwares available in the market but this software, I think is the best. This is not a free software but few applications from VMware are free and very useful to perform daily tasks. I would like to include only those softwares which are free.

VMware Player

VMware player is free to try any operating system like, You want to try Windows 7 go for free VMware player and if you like to make your mind to see what’s going on in Ubuntu you can choose VMware player and get everything done in just few very easy steps.

VMware Server

Start Achieving the Benefits of Virtualization

VMware server is the best software I had ever encountered to start a new virtual server machine for staging or even production server. Accelerate server provisioning by building a virtual machine once and deploying it multiple times.

  • Easily evaluate software in ready-to-run virtual machines without installation and configuration
  • Simplify IT testing of patches, new applications and operating systems by allowing systems administrators to test in a secure virtual machine environment and be able to roll back to a clean state by using the snapshot feature
  • Re-host legacy operating systems such as Windows 2000, Windows NT Server 4.0 and Windows 2003 in a virtual machine running on new hardware and operating system

VMware virtualization solutions save you valuable time, money and resources, so you can focus on IT innovation rather than IT maintenance. That’s why the world’s most successful companies already run on VMware virtual platforms. Energize your business with the world’s most trusted virtualization solutions.

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