How To Set Date, Time And Time Zone In CISCO 2811 Router

Sometimes its quite necessary to setup the Date, Time and Time Zone of a CISCO router because if you need to take the backup of your router on regular basis and you want to use the kron (Schedule) to take the backup automatically it will sure ask you to set your clock first and then make the necessary configuration for kron command.There are few other things that will look for exact time and date like log file viewing and making connections between two different time zones. So if I summarize this discussion in three points I will do something like this:

  1. You can schedule a command to take the backup of your router with exact date, time and time zone
  2. The Correct time will allow the router to connect to two different times
  3. You can view the log file of your router easily

First you need to issue the under given command to check what’s the time of the router right now:

show clock

Display : 23:24:44.515 GMT Sat Nov 27 2010

How to configure the Time Zone of the router:

go to the configuration panel (configure terminal) of the router and then issue under given command:

clock timezone GMT +5

How to configure the Clock:

clock set 11:25:00 Nov 27 2010

The above command will set the time and date of your router. if you like to check the updated date and time of your router use the “show clock” command.

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