Manage your form history with form history control in Firefox

Form history control can view and manage form history entries giving you full control over what is stored, what is cleaned up or not, and when to perform a cleanup. This enables you to selectively delete privacy and sensitive information without having to delete the entire history. With the help of powerful regular expressions, information can simply and effectively be retrieved and/or deleted. This adds a submenu to the tools menu giving you access to a powerful form history control center. This extension also adds a button to the privacy tab of the Firefox options. The control is also accessible from the right-click context-menu presenting even more options for managing form history entries.
Form History Control will display all form data that has been saved by the web browser with options to filter the data either by keyword, active page, active field or cleanup criteria. It is furthermore possible to sort the data by parameter including form field name, value, date or popularity. Each entry can be edited in the interface which is very helpful to correct misspelled entries in the history saving the hassle of deleting and entering the data anew. Individual or multiple entries can be deleted right from within the interface. You can add it your Firefox and have fun with your history. I found this a very handy and useful Firefox extension and like you guys to use it for your history management.
form history 

Form History Control

form history control

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