Microsoft 6to4 Adapter Remover

Microsoft 6to4 Adapter Remover

If you are using Microsoft Windows 7 or Vista and you are unable to connect to other computers using WIFI or Local LAN then you must see the network adapter in device manager; If there is Microsoft 6to4 Adapter in your device manager (You have to show hidden devices to see this) then you have to remove it solve this problem.

To uninstall the component, right-click the item in Device Manager and select Uninstall.

The above solution is very much valid for single or 10 Adapters initiated on a system but what if there are 500 or more Adapters installed and the only solution to solve the problem is to uninstall all of them then you have to find a solution to uninstall all the adapters at once because uninstalling one by one will be a very painful and time taking process.

I am going to share a small utility that can fix this issue without any interruption. You just need to initiate it and sit back to see this application working on your system or you can start working on some other task.

Microsoft 6to4 Adapter Remover

Devcon is required to run this utility. place the devcon in the same directory where you have placed the 6to4remover batch file. Download the devcon from under given URL:

This will remove this adapter from your computer and you will be able to access your network without any problem. you can remove these adapter one by one but it is a long and painful process.

I hope this will save few extra moments of an IT guy which can be utilized in some other very important task like research and development of new technologies. For more technical post please keep visiting and keep sharing the knowledge with the community.

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