NOW Virtual BOX 3.0 for LINUX supports 3D and OpenGL2.0

VirtualBox, the popular, amazing, open-source, virtualization software from Sun Microsystems, reached version 3.0.0 a few minutes ago. This major update brings lots of new features, many bugfixes and improvements over previous 2.x versions. The big and breathtaking news is that users can now use Direct3D 8 and 9 games or applications! Moreover, with VirtualBox 3.0.0, support for OpenGL 2.0 (only for Linux, Solaris and Windows guests) has been implemented. Another important feature is the new SMP (Symmetrical Multiprocessing) guest support with no more than 32 virtual processors. Without any further introduction, let’s have a look at the main fixes/additions in VirtualBox 3.0.0 for Linux:
Support for Linux kernel 2.6.31;
Support for Guest Additions in Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11;
• Fixed CentOS 64-bit support;
• Better performance for PAE guests on Linux kernel 2.6.29 or higher;
• Better network I/O;
• Revamped settings dialog;
• Added a minimalistic toolbar for seamless and fullscreen modes;
• Ability to create or remove more than one host-only network adapter;
• Lots of fixes for 3D support;
• Windows 7 Remote Desktop Protocol client support;
• Fixed TX checksum offloading for Linux kernel 2.16.8 or higher;
• Time synchronization handler provided by the new vboxadd-service module;
• Added guest properties, which offers information about logged in users, operating system or network;
• Added USB high-speed isochronous endpoints support, with read-ahead buffering for input endpoints;
• Fixed USB dongles issues;
• New registration dialog that uses Sun Online accounts;
• Various clipboard fixes;
and many more


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