Remove Ads from Skype Chat Window

Remove Ads from Skype Chat Window

how to remove Ads from Skype Chat Window can be question being asked from everyone for the IT department after the release of Skype with Ads on the right side. Recently Skype has started showing video ads on chat windows. its really annoying, you are in the middle of the discussion and suddenly a video automatically starts playing with full volume. There is no way you can remove these ads from the options under tools menu. You can disable these ads by following under given instructions:

  1. Block the URL in internet explorer. For this go to security tab and then go to restricted sites.
  2. Go to C:\users\[user name]\App Data\Roaming\Skype\[Skype username]. For this you need to unhide all the hidden files and folders.
  3. You should see a config.xml file in this directory.
  4. Right-click it and choose Edit (better take a backup of the file in case of any problem), then find (You can use Ctrl+F to find the line quickly.) the line with <AdvertPlaceholder> and delete the entire line.
  5. Make sure to save your changes to the file before exiting.
  6. Now restart the Skype and your ads will be gone

11 thoughts on “Remove Ads from Skype Chat Window”

  1. Right-click the config.xml after changing the line, and choose properties. Then check the box to make it read-only and click Apply.

    • Please don’t mark it read-only because it will stop the Skype to update it for new changes. You just need to block the URL using the internet explorer or use the hosts file.

  2. I tried removing the tag and setting it “0” and neither does work.

    I restricted the site before that. Strange that Skype didn’t change the file.

    Is it supposed to the space occupied by the ads vanish too?


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