Remove Unnecessary Tool Bars From Your Web Browser

Most internet users find tool bars very helpful and use them most of time to access different internet resources but sometimes they can create problems in terms of clash between two tool bars and in the result the browser will also start crashing. Most of the time they get the malware and viruses with them into the computer and make it impossible to use without removing or cleaning the computer. Thanks to the moderator of (sanix) for sharing this wonderful tool to remove these unwanted tool bars from the system.

Tool bar cleaner is a very simple, easy to use and free tool to remove almost all kinds of tool bars from your system along with BHOs. Recently they have released a new version for Google chrome and it worked perfectly. There are some other options available in this small yet powerful application and that is to set the desired home page on your web browser.

The Installation and configuration of this marvelous application is very simple and there is no need to be a computer expert.


You can download tool bar cleaner from under given URL:

Download Tool Bar Cleaner

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