Source IP Address Is Not Valid For This Merchant

I know this post may not be useful for most sizledcore readers but I think this can help some guys working on payment gateways and payment processes. I wasted six hours to fix this issue on one of my client’s machine and the source was the public IP address of my client’s machine. This error can occur if you are using the test payment gateway of Payex in your application for credit card payment processing during testing. Your error may be something like given as under:

07e59919006b443ba466ff5fcbe1cbec2011-01-17 21:43:34Merchant_InvalidIpAddress Merchant_InvalidIpAddressSource IP Address is not valid for this merchant.(xxxxxxxx)

xxxxxxxx is the merchant ID provided by the payex administration team for test payment gateway and will vary in every case so please ignore it and focus on the error.

This error can be solved very easily by just entering your public IP address in the payex administration panel. How and where to enter the Public IP address is given as under: