Skype Chat Time Stamp Issue and Its Workaround

Updating Skype to new version was always fun to me and it came with very good new features all the time but this time it is really creating lots of problems. Skype chat time stamp issue is either a repel or a new bug. Although time-stamping issue is very old in Skype but it reappears after a very long time. Here is whats happening, when I send a message to any Skype contact, all my messages comes under one box and time even they are sent after his/her message. When i send a message, it goes in the same box I used to send a message to this contact an hour ago. this creates a big confusion that either this message is received to this user or not because all the messages sent to any Skype user are received in unread status and when you click on the message or you read a reply to the message then it shows that its read. Skype chat time stamp issue is really creating lots of problem.

To quickly fix this issue, I downgraded my Skype to a very old version and waiting for a fix from Skype. I hope they are being reported and they will fix it as soon as possible.

You can download the downgrade version from my website. its downloaded directly from Skype.

Download an Older Version

Download Skype Full Setup

I think its a repel bug which arise again in Skype because of poor coding standard. someone from the development department might have better idea about the issue but this is really annoying.

Skype is a very good tool and in my opinion its the best tool for voice and text chat communication on internet and a huge number of people over internet use this tool. Microsoft must improve it standard to test and evaluate the new versions before they are presented to the users.

Users can find a previous version to downgrade but if they are not able to find it they can download it from my website. there is no adware or spyware in this file. this is directly downloaded from Skype.

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