[Solved] Expose Jenkins-LTS Deployed on Apple MAC To Network

Expose Jenkins-LTS Deployed on Apple MAC To Network

Jenkins-LTS installation on Apple MAC OSX via homebrew is quite easy. Once its installed, Jenkins-LTS web interface will be accessible by localhost:8080 or which is same but what if someone want to access it over network or internet. It may become a nightmare of internet/Google search. Everyone will suggest that you need to disable the firewall. Some people will say that you need to enable the web. Those might not be true for newer versions of Apple MAC OSX because enable web is not in the list any more. Most of Apple MAC OSX systems have firewall disabled or people disable it. All you need to do is to change the httpListenAddress for Jenkins-LTS. The reason behind Changing the httpListenAddress for Jenkins-LTS on OSX is to allow Jenkins-LTS to be accessible over the network. By default jenkins-lts comes with localhost:8080 IP address which is only accessible within the system.

How to Change the httpListenAddress for Jenkins-LTS on OSX

Navigate to under path so that you can edit the jenkins-lts.plist configuration file. I mostly like vi editor but you can use any text editor “nano” to change the locahost IP address “” to your desired IP address. In my case the IP address was C Class IP address like Open the terminal to edit the file and run the following command. you might need to check the exact path of the .plist file. after editing the file save it and now you are ready to restart the service.

sudo vim /usr/local/opt/jenkins-lts/homebrew.mxcl.jenkins-lts.plist

Once you are done with editing the text in the above file, save it and now you need to restart the service. Follow the under listed command to restart it by using the terminal.

brew services restart jenkins-lts

I hope it will not take much long time to restart the service and jenkins-lts will be accessible over the network. The other things you need to check are the firewall. Follow the under listed instructions to open a port in Apple MAC OSX firewall or if you want to disable it (which is not recommended).

Turning off Firewall on Mac OS X
  • Open the Apple menu and choose System Preferences.
  • Now, click on View and then security.
  • Choose the Firewall tab.
  • Now click on Stop button disable Firewall.

I hope this was helpful. Please keep visiting for more troubleshooting articles about development and IT related services.

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