[Solved] This Workbook is locked for editing by another user

This Workbook is locked for editing by another user

Microsoft Excel is no doubt a very good tool for day to day operations. It can help in creating balance sheet as well as bright sheets to present to higher management. Mostly this application works very well but sometime can create lot of issues. Now its easily available online along with SharePoint and is helping lots of people to use it simultaneously to save time.

You are trying to open an Excel file and you get a message about the file being locked. Sometimes the file is locked by another user, and other times the “another user” is actually you. If you have locked the file yourself, it might be because the file is open on a different device, or the previous instance of the file didn’t close properly.this workbook is locked for editing by another user









Microsoft suggested to find the other user but in my case it was only me so I found myself (LOL). This document was saved on my machine so why its read only.

When you open a document on your system it is possible that your system open two instances of the workbook but you are only seeing one which can be the cause of this issue. as this happened with me, I have to close Microsoft Excel Workbook. also I had to check the task manager and close any open excel instance. In my case another excel instance was open but it was not linked with any workbook or the workbook I was trying to work on.

Worked Solution!

Close all instances of Microsoft excel and open the workbook again.

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