Switch multiple network settings automatically

If you have multiple network settings and don’t like to change again and again because it takes time to change the whole network setting then you are at a right place. What do you mean by multiple network settings? simple answer, you work at home, you got network settings and you also work with your client in his/her office and you got some other network settings. Every time you visit the office you got to change the settings, It takes time and cost some money, why not have something that makes you feel good and save your time and money by just one click.

IP Switcher

Now you can switch your multiple settings just in one click by using this wonderful application from your system try. There is no need to install this application just download, unpack and use it. It has really very easy screen and every one can understand, needs few clicks and here you goes.  Switch IP configurations from the tray menu. Easy and simple configure your IP settings for IPv4 and IPv6 with Internet Explorer proxy settings. Just unpack and run it from anywhere on the disk. (uses .Net 2.0 framework)

ip switcher

Download IP Switcher

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