Terminal Server Has Exceeded the Maximum Number of Allowed Connections

Let me rephrase the message and will come back with the solutions available to solve this ugly problem created by Microsoft.

“The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections. The system can not log you on. The system has reached its licensed logon limit. Please try again later.”

In Linux and UNIX systems you can have as many remote connection with a system you like but in Microsoft windows server you can only have two remote connection at a time.

This is not a very big problem and any network and system administrator can solve this problem in just few seconds, you just need to remember few very easy commands of windows. If you are using windows XP and like to solve this problem you need to upgrade your command line to at least windows 2003 version or you need to logon to windows 2003 server.

How to solve this problem, please follow the steps given below:

Go to Start menu and open Command Prompt (I suppose you are using windows 2003 server to solve this problem, My only objective is to logoff the disconnected sessions from the server)

Use the under given command to get the connected sessions from the affected server.

query session /server:servername (Replace server name with real server name)

From the output of above given command you can clearly see the session ID like 0, 65536 and 2. Now if you like to logoff or close the session with ID 2 Please use the under given command.

reset session 2 /server:servername(Replace server name with real server name)


The above command will close the disconnected or active session but will not display any output on the console to make sure that your desired ID has been disconnected successfully please issue the query command again. Check the under given command to see the output;

query session /server:servername (Replace server name with real server name)

Note: Please don’t copy and paste the command

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