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If you are working in an IT environment than you must check your password strength for any of your account including online banking, user accounts for various e-mail addresses and any other account over the internet to be in a safer side. Because of the way technology has evolved, nowadays there are solutions to brute force the password by using a combination of high end graphics card and a special tool. If you like to check that how secure your password is you can use the under given URL to test your it:

How Good Is Your Password?

To count yourself in the secure community you must use a complex, hard to break, unpredictable and random password for any of your internet accessible account. I would like to share a list of online secure, complex and random password generation web sites.

1. Online Password Generator

create password Password security shouldn’t be taken lightly. Security professional will tell you that secure passwords should be difficult to guess and difficult to break using brute force methods. The strongest password is a series of random characters. But this is difficult for humans to remember. What good is a secure password when you can’t remember it yourself? We offer a password generator that uses real words mixed with enough random numbers and symbols to be secure.

2. Online Password Generator and Manager

Password GeneratorOnline password generator and manager can generate a very complex password and also offer few other very important facilities, like to check the complexity of your password and online password manager. This small web application allows users to create random secure passwords that are difficult to guess because of the combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and symbols.


3. Strong Password Generator

strong passwordThis website generates new passwords right here in your browser, using JavaScript. This website does not send new passwords across the internet. and its authors are not responsible for any loss of data or personal information. Passwords are used at the user’s own risk and no liability will be assumed.By using this website, you agree that the website and its authors are not liable for any losses incurred.

4. Make Password

make passwordOne of the easiest online password generators which can generate a single random password or lists of hundreds of random passwords. You choose the character sets, password length and the quantity to create. Hash values can also be created for your convenience. This password generator is useful for getting a random password for personal use or for generating large lists of default passwords.

5. Password Generator

password gen A password might be guessable if a user chooses an easily-discovered piece of personal information as a password (such as a student ID number, a boy- or girlfriend’s name, a birthday, a telephone number, or a license plate number). Personal data about individuals are now available from various sources, many on-line, and can often be obtained by someone using social engineering techniques, such as posing as an opinion surveyor.

All of the above online password generators may be using almost same password creation techniques but with a little difference of providing the random, complex and most secure passwords but the only thing needs to be remembered is to create a very complex and random password to protect your precious data.

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