Ubuntu Shipit Has Been Closed

I shared a news some six months ago that Ubuntu is delivering free CD’s and DVD’s set to any user that contact Ubuntu through www.ubuntu.com/shipit. Many users contacted me and requested to send them a set of CD’s or DVD’s for educational purposes and all the time I suggested everyone to visit the shipit page at ubuntu website for direct delivery. I know its a bad news but Ubuntu has decided not to ship the CD’s for DVD’s pack anymore. check the under given statement from UBUNTU:

After delivering millions of Ubuntu CDs to millions of new users, our ShipIt program has finally run its course. While we can no longer deliver free CDs through the program, it’s still easy to get Ubuntu. You can download Ubuntu for free from Ubuntu.com or you can buy a CD straight from the Canonical shop.

You can visit the under given page at Ubuntu website for further details:

ShipIt Has Closed

ubuntu shipit has closed