Unable To Connect IPhone With AirServer

Unable To Connect IPhone With AirServer

AirServer is a very good application to present your IOS applications on Windows desktop. You can present any application running on Iphone or Ipad. Air Server key features are listed as under:

  1. Zero Client Footprint
  2. Bring Your Own Device
    1. The world’s first BYOD solution that enables collaboration across different apps across platforms. We achieve this by receiving the entire display over AirPlay, Google Cast or Miracast. For the first time you can exercise the freedom of choice for your devices.
  3. AirPlay + Google Cast + Miracast
  4. Windows Device Compatible
    1. Fully compatible with the built-in “Project to a wireless display” feature in Windows 10. Windows 7 is also supported by installing Google Chrome browser.
  5. Chromebook Compatible
  6. Android Compatible
  7. Live streaming to YouTube
  8. Retina quality mirroring
  9. Encrypted AirPlay

All these features makes this application a great tool. Once you have this in your toolbox, you are good to go. You can present anywhere anytime without looking for any other tool or type of connection. Sometimes this can create problems. It will refuse the connections and don’t let you connect the IPhone or IPAD with windows system.


Make sure both (Windows System and IPhone/IPad) are connected to the same wireless network. In case they are not connected to the same network, the connection will not work.

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