The user id associated with the current record is not valid

the user id associated with the current record is not valid Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft dynamics CRM is a very good tool to manage your sale deals. Some times you can be in a big trouble due to very small issues like the user id associated with the current record is not valid. The use was able to login yesterday and now its not working. Everything seems in the right condition and there is no change in the configuration as well. did someone messed up with my configuration, no!. I am sharing the under listed picture to give a reference of the problem.

microsoft dynamics crm 2016Basically this problem is related to active directory authorization. The user name used for the IIS pool of CRM (CRMAppPool) has an expired password. There is another possibility, it does not have the necessary permissions. IIS pool picture is given as under:

microsoft dynamics Crm iis pool user nameSolution:

Reset the password of the user which was used in the CRMAppPool Identity. Check the rights of this user on the CRM server and Microsoft Dynamics CRM database. In my case I used the Microsoft Dynamics CRM administrator user. It is my development environment and currently security is not the priority.

I changed the Identity of CRMAppPool from an ordinary user to system administrator and restart the IIS service. everything started working without any problem. I hope this will help someone and might save few moments to spend on some creative work. please keep visiting windowstechupdates and share this post with your social media friends.

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