6 thoughts on “User profile synchronization service not starting in SharePoint 2013”

  1. When i click on the User Profile Service Application , it takes me to some page … and don’t have time to click on the ribbon actions

    • Upon going to UPS service and selecting my user profile application, the account it wants to use is the farm account. I have created a svc account with restricted access to AD for the sync, but am not allowed to select that account. When i attempt to run the sync with the farm account it just hangs and never completes. Please advise on where i might have missed something that wouldn’t allow me to change this option?

      Thanks you

      • Can you please follow the post and make sure you are fulfilling the following?

        Make sure user profile synchronization user is the member of farm administrator group
        Make sure your user is the part of local system administrator group
        Restart the timer service (suggest by a valued user)
        Make sure that you have Delegated active directory replication with general permissions all to the user.
        Make sure that user is having Read and Replicate Directory Changes permission.
        Change the logon user of the two services given in the picture of the post to user profile synchronization user.

        I hope this will help. in my opinion, you should not configure the share point with restricted user access because it needs to access many things from active directory

  2. When clicking on the “Start” UPS service i cannot select the account that was created that has access to AD for the sync. It has my farm account which is greyed out, what step did i miss to allow this change?


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