Warning: Remote Console Is Not Available.

If you are facing the above error when you press console redirect at your dell remote access controller’s secure page in your web browser. You must check two things given as under:

  1. You have installed complete Dell OpenManage Server Administrator on your server
  2. If you have installed Dell OpenManage Server Administrator on your server and still your are not able to see redirection console, please follow the under given instructions to enable Dell Remote Console redirection:

Open the server on which you want to enable console redirection

  1. Go to Control Panel
  2. Go to Add Remove Programs
  3. Go to Dell OpenManage Remote Administrator
  4. Press Change button

Dell Open Manage

You will see a screen given as under:

dell open manage change

Press next button

dell open manage modify Select the modify option and press next button

remote access controller installation Click on the remote access controller option and select “This Feature Will Be Installed On Local Hard Drive”

remote access controller features Select this feature and follow the on screen installation instructions to complete the installation and you will be good to go with console redirection.

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