Windows 11 Latest Features of 2022

Windows 11 Latest Features of 2022

Microsoft’s newest operating system, Windows 11, has been a success. The Windows 11 release date was October 5, this year. Determine all of its capabilities and what to anticipate from it. Windows 11 includes several features that many people like, including gamers, office professionals, and other computer users for work or leisure. Continue reading if you’re wondering about what the next edition of Microsoft’s software, Windows 11, can accomplish for you! This post will outline the best practices for optimizing your Windows 11 computer.

There is no need to worry about Windows 11 compatibility, since the great majority of devices will continue to function correctly. If anything goes wrong during the upgrade, you’ll be pleased you created a backup copy of your data beforehand. If you’re running Windows 10, you can rest easy! You will be able to get the most recent version of Microsoft Windows at no cost. It is essential that no data be lost during the installation procedure. If you are interested in evaluating Windows 11, we have compiled a guide that may be of use to you.

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Here’s everything you need to know about Windows 11 new features

The enhanced user interface and enhanced security features of Windows 11 make it the most secure version of Windows yet. Additionally, the Windows Store now makes it simpler than ever to search for and install the desired applications. Some of Windows 11’s most interesting new features are explained here.

Security and scanning

Windows 11 has features that are comparable to those seen in earlier versions of Windows. The security should be stretched from the hardware to the operating system, apps, users, and identities. This section highlights some of the new Windows 10 features that make upgrading to Windows 11 simpler than ever.

Windows Security app

The Windows Security program provides a straightforward interface that consolidates a variety of helpful security features. Firewall protection, virus prevention, and network security are all available in a single, handy package.

Windows Security baselines

Utilizing basic reasons is the most surefire way to protect your devices. They include some of the most essential security features. With pre-configured settings, you will not need to spend hours establishing security baselines.

Microsoft Defender Antivirus

Built inside Windows, Microsoft Defender Antivirus offers cutting-edge security to keep your computer safe. Microsoft’s most recent endpoint protection provides you with the most advanced device security available. Endpoint Manager may generate rules based on these levels if the most recent version of Microsoft’s Defender for Endpoint is installed.

Windows Application Security

Thanks to the Windows Application Security features, you may have peace of mind knowing that your system will be secured from undesired or harmful code while operating trustworthy websites and Office files to safeguard against malware sites.

Easier access to new and already used services

Windows 365 Enterprise

The desktop operating system Windows 365 is Microsoft’s cloud service. Similar to a virtual machine, an operating system such as Android or macOS may be operated on one device and managed by another internet-connected device.

Microsoft Teams

The computer operating system is integrated with Microsoft Teams. You may use it to sign in and, when requested, provide your personal or business credentials. Log in using your Microsoft account or your organization’s account to immediately initiate a call with loved ones or coworkers. The Microsoft team built this own variation. Utilize a mobile device management (MDM) policy from a product such as Endpoint Manager for centralized administration and enhanced data security.

Power Automate in Windows 11

Power automates is a low-code program for operating system-based desktops. With the use of this application, users are able to design flows that expedite common tasks, such as saving notes to OneNote or notifying coworkers when a new form answer is received. Once the application has been installed, go to Settings > Applications and check the box next to all pre-installed applications for easy access.

Customize the desktop experience

Snap Layouts, Snap Groups

Launch the software and slide the mouse cursor over the associated icon to minimize or expand it. It is possible to customize the app’s layout to your own requirements. It’s a fantastic method to make your desktop stand out from the crowd with its unique design and brilliant hues. Using this option, the size of the desktop program may be modified. Snapped automatically saves its current layout when more programmes are installed.

When you build a Snap Layout with your favorite applications, the layout is saved to a folder. If a snaps layout is already installed, it will be seen while hovering over an app’s icon. The feature in question is the Snap Groups option. Using this method, you may organize your favorite programmes in a uniform manner. You may choose a category and then tap an app within that category to select it. The greater the number of Snap Groups you establish, the simpler it will be to toggle between them using the Snap Group menu option.

Start Menu and Taskbar

The Start menu, which may be customized, has a variety of preinstalled programmes. You may easily modify the structure to meet your requirements. The Pinned tab makes it simpler than ever to organize your applications.

Microsoft Teams and Outlook are two examples of frequently used applications that may be pinned for easy access. It is possible to apply a custom Start menu design on all devices controlled by an organisation. To modify your start menu, use the Settings application.

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