4 ways to get answers for your tech queries

Every computer user know that if some goes wrong, just go to Google and search the results but what if Google fail to answer your technical question in terms of search terms? what would be your next step to get a satisfactory answer? I would suggest to use answers, a few types of online answers websites are shared as under;

1. Microsoft Answers

Microsoft answers provide you a complete help structure of all your questions and queries regarding Windows, Office, Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Live. You can ask question or find an already answered query from a long list of given answers. You can sign in and save your queries in account to view later on. Microsoft answers is specific to the technologies provided by Microsoft corporation. 
Microsoft Answers
microsoft answers

2. Yahoo Answers

Its a public answer community website that can provide you knowledge about any query asked about anything whether it is regarding to the technology or about cooking? There is a long list of categories provided by the YAHOO so that you can browse easily by category. You can sign in, save and view your activity by using the yahoo ID.
Yahoo Answers
yahoo answers

3. Wiki Answers

Wiki answers have more categories than any other website in the world about the answers and queries. More than 6400 categories are included in Wiki answer to help any technical or non technical problem on internet. You can type any question, any query to get help from Wiki answers.
Wiki Answers
Wiki Answers

4. Google Answers

We’re sorry, but Google Answers has been retired, and is no longer accepting new questions.
Search or browse the existing Google Answers index by using the search box above or the category links below.

Few categories are there to search for appropriate results but I would recommend not to use Google answers because you will find old answers of the queries, those might have been changed with the time. You can reach Google answer by using this URL:
Google Answers

google answer