Adobe flash player 10.1 with hardware acceleration

Adobe flash player 10.1 with hardware acceleration (as promised by the adobe) is released as RC (release candidate) and is available for download for PCs and notebooks. A prerelease version of Flash Player 10.1 is now available for Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris operating systems.

adobe flash player hardware acceleration
Key New Features

Ubiquitous Reach
Global error handling
Designed for mobility
Expanded options for high quality media delivery

Production Information and Installation Instructions
Adobe Flash Player System Requirements
Adobe Flash Player 10.1 Download
Adobe Flash Player For Chrome User
64-bit Flash Player Prerelease For Linux

Some very important instructions suggested by the adobe for flash player are given as under. Follow these steps to get started with the Flash Player 10.1 prerelease for desktop operating systems:

  1. Important: All users should uninstall any currently installed Flash Player before installing the prerelease. See the release notes for uninstall instructions.
  2. See the release notes for more information about the prerelease and read What’s New in Flash Player 10.1 for more information about this release.
  3. For hardware decoding of H.264 video on Windows platforms, make sure you have the latest driver. See the release notes for details on supported graphics cards and drivers.
  4. Test existing content and applications, and visit your favorite websites to ensure Flash Player 10.1 works as expected.
  5. Consult the ActionScript 3.0 Developers Guide and ActionScript 3.0 Reference for the Adobe Flash Platform for information on the syntax and usage of the new APIs in Flash Player 10.1.
  6. Consult the Flash Player 10.1 Hardware Acceleration article to learn more about graphics and video optimizations and what you can do to improve performance of your content.
  7. Try out the new Flash Player 10.1 prerelease samples on Tour de Flex
  8. Download the memory monitoring component to optimize your content for mobile
  9. Download the updated global SWC to create content using the new APIs