687 Ultimate LINUX Commands

If you like to learn LINUX commands this is the best online resource i got. Each and every command is cover in this resource list and you can even find some very important and interesting commands to monitor and settings system resource according to your need.

clip_image001This directory of Linux commands is from Linux in a Nutshell, 5th Edition.

Click on any of the 687 commands below to get a description and list of available options. All links in the command summaries point to the online version of the book on Safari Bookshelf.

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a dnssec-signzone k p strings
accept doexec kbd_mode passwd strip
access domainname kbdrate paste stty
aclocal dosfsck kernelversion patch su
aconnect du kill pathchk sudo
acpi dump killall perl sum
acpi_available dumpe2fs killall5 pidof swapoff
acpid dumpkeys klogd ping swapon
addr2line e kudzu pinky sync
addresses e2fsck l pmap sysctl
agetty e2image last portmap sysklogd
alsactl e2label lastb poweroff syslogd
amidi echo lastlog pppd t
amixer edquota ld pr tac
anacron egrep ldconfig praliases tail
aplay eject ldd printenv tailf
aplaymidi elvtune less printf talk
apm emacs lesskey ps talkd
apmd enable lftp ptx tar
apropos env lftpget pwck taskset
apt envsubst link pwconv tcpd
ar esd ln pwd tcpdump
arch esd-config loadkeys python tcpslice
arecord esdcat locale q tee
arecordmidi esdctl locate quota telinit
arp esddsp lockfile quotacheck telnet
as esdmon logger quotaon telnetd
at esdplay login quotaoff test
atd esdrec logname quotastats tftp
atq esdsample logrotate r tftpd
atrm etags look raidstart time
audiosend ex losetup ramsize tload
aumix expand lpadmin ranlib tmpwatch
autoconf expr lpinfo rarpd top
autoheader f lpmove rcp touch
automake factor lpq rdate tr
autoreconf FALSE lpr rdev tracepath
autoscan fc-cache lprm rdist traceroute
autoupdate fc-list lpstat rdistd troff
b fdformat ls readcd TRUE
badblocks fdisk lsattr readelf tset
banner fetchmail lspci readlink tsort
basename fgconsole lsmod reboot tty
bash fgrep lsusb reject tune2fs
batch file m rename tunelp
bc find m4 renice u
biff finger mail repquota ul
bison fingerd mailq reset umount
bzcmp flex mailstats resize2fs uname
bzdiff fmt mailto restore uncompress
bzgrep fold make rev unexpand
bzip2 formail makedbm rexec unicode_start
bzless free makemap rexecd unicode_stop
bzmore fsck man richtext uniq
c ftp manpath rlogin uptime
c++ ftpd mattrib rlogind useradd
c++filt fuser mbadblocks rm userdel
cal g mcat rmail usermod
cardctl g++ mcd rmdir users
cardmgr gawk mcopy rmmod usleep
cat gcc md5sum rndc uudecode
cc gdb mdel, mdeltree rootflags uuencode
cdda2wav getent mdir route uuidgen
cdparanoia getkeycodes mdu routed v
cdrdao gpasswd merge rpcgen vdir
cdrecord gpg mesg rpcinfo vi
cfdisk gpgsplit metamail rpm vidmode
chage gpgv metasend rsh vim
chattr gpm mformat rshd vmstat
chfn gprof mimencode rsync volname
chgrp grep minfo runlevel w
chkconfig groff mkdir rup w
chmod groffer mkdosfs ruptime wall
chown groupadd mke2fs rusers warnquota
chpasswd groupdel mkfifo rusersd watch
chroot groupmod mkfs rwall wc
chrt groups mkfs.ext3 rwho wget
chsh grpck mkisofs rwhod whatis
chvt grpconv mklost+found s whereis
cksum gs mkmanifest sane-find-scanner which
clear gunzip mknod scanadf who
cmp gzexe mkraid scanimage whoami
col gzip mkswap scp whois
colcrt h mktemp screen write
colrm halt mlabel script x
column hdparm mmd sdiff xargs
comm head mmount sed xinetd
compress hexdump mmove sendmail y
cp host modinfo sensors yacc
cpio hostid modprobe seq yes
cpp hostname more setfdprm ypbind
crond htdigest mount setkeycodes ypcat
crontab hwclock mountd setleds ypinit
csplit i mpartition setmetamode ypmatch
ctags iconv mpg123 setquota yppasswd
cupsd id mpg321 setsid yppasswdd
cut ifconfig mrd setterm yppoll
cvs imapd mren sftp yppush
d inetd mshowfat sh ypserv
date info mt sha1sum ypset
dd init mtools showkey yptest
deallocvt insmod mtoolstest showmount ypwhich
debugfs install mtype shred ypxfr
depmod ipcrm mv shutdown z
devdump ipcs mzip size zcat
df iptables n skill zcmp
diff iptables-restore named slabtop zdiff
diff3 iptables-save namei slattach zdump
dig isodump nameif sleep zforce
dir isoinfo netstat slocate zgrep
dircolors isosize newaliases snice zic
dirname isovfy newgrp sort zless
disable ispell newusers split zmore
dlpsh j nfsd ssh znew
dmesg join nfsstat ssh-add
dnsdomainname nice ssh-agent
dnssec-keygen nm ssh-keygen
dnssec-makekeyset nohup ssh-keyscan
dnssec-signkey nslookup sshd
nsupdate stat
o statd
objcopy strace
objdump strfile

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