Ultimate tutorials to Create BASH scripts

Creating scripts in BASH is really great fun as well as unleashing the power of LINUX and UNIX operating systems. BASH script can do anything you like to do using the UNIX and LINUX operating systems. It can serve as a startup script or can perform a better job in cronjobs. You just need to learn how to write a successful BASH script. I would like to share few very rare and important tutorials to write BASH script with you guys, have a look at the under given links:

BASH pitfalls – a super way to write bash script
Writing Robust Bash Shell Scripts
Linux Config.org Bash Script Tutorial
Mendel Cooper’s Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
Mike G’s Bash Programming Introduction
Steve Parker’s Unix/Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial
Vivek Gite LSST
IBM’s Bash By Example
The Geek Stuff – 5 Practical Examples
Going Linux – Shell Scripting Tutorials
USALUG – Bash Script Beginner Tutorial
jbsnake’s Intermediate Bash Script Tutorial
Linux.com – Writing a Simple Bash Script
HypeXR’s Getting Started With Bash
SiteGround – Advanced Bash Loops
Conditions in Bash Scripting
Lutus’ Bash Shell Programming in Linux
Advanced Bash Environment Variables
GNU Universal Bash Reference Guide

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