Can’t get Hyper-V Windows 2012 STD VM out of STOPPING-CRITICAL State

Hyper-V is no doubt proving itself as an alternate of the VMWare but few things are still missing and creating a lot of problems in moving forward. I had the above listed issue on one of my server in a local environment and it really created lot of problems. The problem I faced due to this are listed below:

  1. I was not able to restart/shutdown any Virtual Machine configured in the Hyper-V on that server
  2. I was not able to migrate/move the virtual machine from this host to another
  3. I was not able to shutdown the host server without physical intervention

I tried to update the complete server and updated it successfully. It temporarily solve the problem for a couple of hours but still faced it again. I updated the Microsoft .Net framework and whatever I was able to do with this server but no luck. I wasted around one week and every time I have to make any change in any Virtual Machine I had to completely shutdown the server with power button. after a few hard restart of the server I got few other problems like the Battery or RAM is faulty or sometimes the cached data is lost at server startup.


I suddenly found the reason behind this issue and the only solution was to completely reinstall the Ethernet card drivers of this server. I was using the PowerEdge R710 server with Builtin Quad Intel Network card. I tried to disable one network port so that I can assign an IP address to the other port and the one other port automatically disabled itself. After that I tried to enable the port and I was not able to enable it again. I completely remove the Ethernet card driver of the server and reinstalled the latest one from the Dell Website and it solve my problem. Now I can restart, shutdown or reset any virtual machine on this host server. There is no problem in restart/shutdown the host server as well.

The last and most certain way to solve the problem is to reinstall the complete server while preserving the virtual machine configuration data. This option is only for the test or development environment.