Remove Unnecessary Tool Bars From Your Web Browser

Most internet users find tool bars very helpful and use them most of time to access different internet resources but sometimes they can create problems in terms of clash between two tool bars and in the result the browser will also start crashing. Most of the time they get the malware and viruses with them …

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Free Hosting + Domain Name Giveaway From ITOperationz

Starting a new website or blog can cost you more three hundred dollars and if you don’t have a credit card you will have to look for your friend’s help to purchase a hosting and a domain on the web. ITOperationz is giving a free hosting and free domain name for itoperationz viewers (Free Hosting …

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How to load NAVTEQ data in SQL Server 2005 in 6 easy steps

Working in IT Operations is really fantastic and interesting but you need to update yourself on daily basis. Your innovative skills nourishes everyday and you will feel that there are endless possibilities to work with IT equipments. I know this post will not be very much interesting for most of the readers of IT Operationz but few people might find this post very much interesting. Perhaps someone out there would be looking for some comprehensive guide to load data in SQL from NAVTEQ. I know that NAVTEQ provide a guide to prepare and  load the data but that’s a very lengthy guide to extract, prepare and load the data in SQL server 2005 database. It took me two weeks to extract, prepare and load the data into SQL server 2005 database, although the size of the data was huge but the preparation took most of the time. I was given this task again to load the new data from NAVTEQ in SQL server 2005 and I did it just in three days because loading data took more than two days and the complete size of the databases may exceed 900GB (I loaded two databases for complete Q1 for Europe). However I would like to talk about one database over here. How I did this, see the steps given as under:

Step 1: Download the data from NAVTEQ website with high speed (as much as provided by your service provider) Place the data at your hard drive somewhere (For hardware requirements please see the NAVTEQ guide) (one thing for the hard drive please one TB hard drive to save yourself from any inconvenience)

Step 2: Extract all files to the ..MSSQL2005loaderfiles folder (Delete the compressed files after extraction) (Under loaderfiles there are several other folders like admin, rdfcore, etc) (Extract the files to the respective folders)

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Plan and grow your career with Microsoft professional career chart

What is the next step in your career? have you ever thought about this? I started my career as a web developer but switched towards IT after few months, why?  The reason was nothing but interest. I was much more attracted by the IT infrastructure creation and managing big servers. Working with the security settings, have a complete control on the system, etc. What are you guys planning for your career growth? Let me help you to decide what you have to do next because if you are working on only one technology it will be obsolete after a while and what next? Use Microsoft Professional Career Chart to plan your next step for you bright future. 

Microsoft Professional Career Chart
Microsoft Professional Career Chart

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How to Increase Hard Disk Space in VMware?

VMware is a great tool in terms of virtual installation and configuration of operating systems, multiple examples can be given to support this tool. VMware Guarantee the highest availability of IT services with VMware desktop & server virtualization. Reduce costs, run enterprise applications with the highest possibilities. VMware lets you run another computer in your computer. Try out another operating system, test a different platform, preview a new distro. I think that’s enough to support the VMware platform the real thing is title of this post “How to Increase Hard disk space in VMware”. Unlike other virtual tools VMware don’t let the users to automatically grow their disk space (Disk management selection at virtual machine setup ask you how much space you will allocate this virtual machine) if required by the operating system or large amount of data stored on that virtual machine. There is a simple tool given in the VMware 5.0 and above versions to increase the disk space (There are lots of other options I will share them some other time). Under given is are few simple steps to increase the disk space;

1. Open a command prompt in windows

2. Open the VMware installation folder from root drive

C:Program FilesVMwareVMware Workstation

Search the vmware-vdiskmanager.exe tool

3. Enter the command given as under;

vmware-vdiskmanager.exe –x 15Gb “Path to virtual machine“

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How to set Java heap space in Apache Tomcat?

If Java runs out of memory, the following error occurs: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space This can have two reasons: Your Java application has a memory leak. There are tools like YourKit Java Profiler that help you to identify such leaks. Your Java application really needs a lot of memory (more than …

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Google Public DNS-Secure, Fast and Reliable

By using Google Public DNS you can get: Speed up your browsing experience. Improve your security. Get the results you expect with absolutely no redirection. Google announced Google Public DNS, a new service that lets consumers use Google as their DNS service provider. The benefits to users are a theoretically faster and more stable browsing …

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Synchronize Your Data

Gone are the days of carrying important files on optical discs and thumb drives. Everyday to probably run your hands across various different keyboards, touch pads and plastic buttons. But working with so many different devices poses some challenges. The hard part is getting the various product to talk to each other. You may store …

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Out of Memory Error of Tomcat 6 on Microsoft windows

Open the Apache Tomcat configuration app in sys tray, and on the "Java" tab, bump up the initial memory pool size and the maximum memory pool size to 512 Initial and 768 Max, click Ok In Program FilesApache software FoundationTomcat 5.0bincatalina.bat, in the last section immediately after "rem Execute Java with the applicable properties", insert …

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About Us We provide under given services: Economical Web Hosting Internet domain name and Domain name system Management VPS and Virtual Server Management Cloud Service Setup and Migration Remote system support Physical Network Setup (LAN) Central Storage Management Physical Server and Tier 3 Data Center Setup Please use the contact us page to reach us. …

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