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What is the next step in your career? have you ever thought about this? I started my career as a web developer but switched towards IT after few months, why?  The reason was nothing but interest. I was much more attracted by the IT infrastructure creation and managing big servers. Working with the security settings, have a complete control on the system, etc. What are you guys planning for your career growth? Let me help you to decide what you have to do next because if you are working on only one technology it will be obsolete after a while and what next? Use Microsoft Professional Career Chart to plan your next step for you bright future. 

Microsoft Professional Career Chart
Microsoft Professional Career Chart

If you are working in administration and like then target the highest role but step by step and If you are in the development field, imagine to go for Dev Manager. There are a large number of questionnaire given in this chart with lot of material.
Start Your Career as IT Manager
Start Your Career as Dev Manager
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