You need New Flash Player 11 is a Malware

Flash player is being used in almost every browser of the world so mostly people use this software to view the videos in internet browsers. Now a days there is a malware running on the web to make the systems vulnerable with the name of this Flash Player. The important thing in this malware is the version of the Flash Player given in this malware e-mail or any other type of messages received in your mail box. Pay extra attention to these kinds of e-mail or messages in your inbox of on the internet. There is no Flash Player with version 11 available on Macromedia website.

The latest version of Flash Player available for installation is 10.0.45.

flash player

You can see the search results provided by Google for this malware that it can harm your computer. Please simply delete this kind of e-mails or messages and try to download or install any kind of required software from original website to protect your computer from unwanted software and malwares.

you need new flash player 11

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