Windows Cannot Access The Specified Device, Path or File

You can see this error on your desktop if you are using windows 2003 server and trying to install any file copied from some other server or desktop machine. There is nothing to worry about or waste your time to search from Google. You just have to right click the file and unblock it for installation on windows server. I would like to share the picture of this error so that everybody can make himself clear about it and then I will share the solution of this installation error.

error installation

If you are the administrator of the server and still you are getting the above error, you just need to unblock this installer file to install it on your server.

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Windows 7 Theme For Ubuntu

My last post about windows 7 was Ubuntu theme for windows 7 and now I like to share windows 7 theme for ubuntu. Its really amazing to have windows 7 theme, desktop and everything on Linux, Use windows 7 with the power of LINUX. I am pretty sure that everybody will like this change because mostly people like to work on Linux but due to command line everyone go for windows because its user friendly and most common operating system of the world.

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Ultimate List Of Windows 7 Wallpapers

Changing wallpaper is fun much more than fashion. I like to share most of the wallpapers I got from the web. I remember last time I shared a list of science fiction wallpapers. Lets have a look for windows 7 wallpapers in this post. All wallpapers have been taken from Deviantart and are copyrighted by their respective owners. To download these wallpapers go to the link given above every wallpaper, once you reach the author’s wallpaper page click Download on the left sidebar.

Windows 7 Glow Wallpaper by ~dj-corney


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Download Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows Vista

Convert your old fashioned Windows Vista into a new and exciting Windows 8 with just downloading a simple file and few clicks required to set this marvelous theme pack on your old Vista. You can get this marvelous free theme pack for Windows Vista from under given URL:

Windows 8 Transformation Pack For Windows Vista


Everyone knows that windows 8 has not yet been released but the theme, look and many other features have been disclosed by various websites. There is a new and very exciting login screen added along with Windows visual style, task bar and system properties. I am quite sure that everyone will like this theme pack and give a very warm response as you guys gave to earlier theme packs like UBUNTU theme for windows 7

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How To Delete GPT Protective Partition In Windows

MBR-based partition table schemes insert the partitioning information in the master boot record (MBR) (which on a BIOS system is also the container for code that begins the process of booting the system). In a GPT, partition table information is stored in the GPT header, but to maintain compatibility, GPT retains the MBR entry as the first sector on the disk followed by a primary partition table header, the actual beginning of a GPT. Now here comes to the problem to convert this disk to MBR disk, there is a very simple and easy method to convert this disk to MBR disk but you will lose your data and partition from that disk. I assume that you have an empty disk where you have accidently enabled GPT and you need to convert it back to MBR disk.

If you are using Windows XP and you are not able to access or modify GPT protective disk, you can easily convert a GPT disk to MBR Disk by using the clean command under DiskPart Disk Utility, which will remove all data and partition structures from a GPT disk.


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Free Apple Snow Transformation Pack For Windows 7/Vista

I am pretty sure that most of the user will like this post because people are tired of using the same desktop and Icons of windows and they like to change it. After a few very basic tweaking one can use this transformation pack for a long time because this look pretty nice and easy to use than the default windows 7 theme. Why I am sure that people will like this post is that because of the popularity of one of my earlier post and that is about the theme of ubuntu for windows 7. I am getting almost 20% of my total traffic from that only one post and that is on the top Google search pages. Check the Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7, please follow the under given link:

UBUNTU Theme for Windows 7

I am really very thankful to the users for giving so much warm response on that post. To download this transformation pack please go to the end of this post.


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