How to Fully Disable IPV6 on Windows System

How to Fully Disable IPV6 on Windows System There are lots of article available on internet to address “How to Fully Disable IPV6 on Windows System” issue but they are not focused on disabling it on all interfaces of your system. We are running out of IPV4 address space and almost all new operating systems …

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Unable to Load Profile Service Windows 7

If you are getting the above error while logging into your windows 7 system then you are at the right place. I got this error early this morning and was not able to access my windows account. I Google it and found that my profile is having some problem. It created a backup registry entry …

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Cannot Press Any Key Twice

I faced this issue on windows 7 home edition where the user was not able to press any key from keyboard more than once. If the user has pressed the “a” and like to press again he/she has to press some other key and then he/she will be able to press the “a” again.

There is a functionality in windows 7 that if you press the shift or any other key more than once in a very short time. It gives you option to stop this to prevent some damage to the system.

It can enable the “Turn on Filter Keys” in windows 7 which leads to the above issue. To solve this issue please follow the simple steps given below.

Go to Start Menu of Windows 7

Enter “Ease of Access” in the search bar and press enter

Ease of Access center will be opened.

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How To: Remotely Enable Remote Desktop

Remote desktop is a good option provided by Microsoft to Windows users and it become more handy when you are working with offshore clients to troubleshoot a lot of things. Its easy to enable a remote desktop connection if you have the system in front of you but if you are using a VPN connection …

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