Unable to Load Profile Service Windows 7

If you are getting the above error while logging into your windows 7 system then you are at the right place. I got this error early this morning and was not able to access my windows account. I Google it and found that my profile is having some problem. It created a backup registry entry under profile list. Please follow the under given instructions to restore your profile.

  1. Open registry editor (be careful)
  2. Navigate to reg-key
  3. Expand the ProfileList key find a key with .bak
  4. There will be two identical keys available rename the key without .bak with some other name
  5. rename the key and remove the .bak from the name
  6. now click on the renamed key and open the DWORD refcount and change the value to ZERO
  7. now open the DWORD state and change the value to ZERO
  8. now close the registry
  9. reboot the machine and you are good to go.

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