Easiest way to Reissue A Command From History In Linux

Linux command line is the best way to utilize the operating system according to your needs by using powerful and easy commands. History command is really great way to see the issued commands in a list. This can help to investigate any problem occurred due to wrong command issued. How to use history command is very simple. Issue the under given command to see a list:


Output of history command is given as under:

  493  exit
  494  clear
  495  show run
  496  exit
  497  clear
  498  history
  499  weather -c Alexandria -i KLCH
  500  exit
  501  clear
  502  history

With every command there is a number that can be used to recall the command from the history with just a single special character given as under:


The above command will call the 493rd command from the history and issue it on the command line.

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