Enable HTTPS on SharePoint 2013

Enable HTTPS on SharePoint 2013

Its very simple and completely straight forward to enable https on sharepoint 2013. There might be a couple of errors come while importing the SSL certificate in sharepoint trust store. I faced under given error while working on this task. I googled this but founding very little about it. I found a clue on stack exchange where one user suggested to open the SharePoint administration panel in Internet Explorer to get rid of this issue. I tried internet explorer and luckily it went away and I was able to load the SSL certificate in Trust store.

[themify_quote]The Root Certificate that was just selected is invalid. This may be because the selected certificate requires a password and we do not support certifications that require a password. Please select another certificate.[/themify_quote]

There was nothing wrong with the SSL certificate. There was no password applied on this certificate. Still the system was insisting to use another SSL certificate. By just using internet explorer everything worked without any problem.

I would like to share a very URL which explained alternate mapping in a very detailed way. This URL is pretty good in explaining the sharepoint alternate mapping from starting point. its very detailed and worth reading and if you want to follow it, I would recommend to first implement it on your testing environment. better safe than sorry!!!!

a guide to https in sharepoint 2013

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