Internet Explorer 9 does not Show Background Images in Print Preview

Using internet explorer means, you must be at least a bit techy to perform your daily tasks. Other web explorer applications like Mozilla Firefox are not like Internet explorer, they create the applications for the sake of people but internet explorer is made only for windows. It does not have anything to do with the users. If you have any problem Go to support website of Microsoft and they will provide you the swift resolution of the problem but when you try to apply to solution, you find yourself in the middle of the desert. The solution provided by Microsoft for the above given problem is to Go to Internet explorer, Internet options, Advanced tab and under settings box find the printing section and check the check box for Background images. After travelling to 300 miles when you reach there you find nothing because there is no printing section under settings box.

Mozilla Firefox gave the simple solution to this problem, Go to file menu, go to Page Setup and check the check box for Background images like given below:

firefox pagesetup

Check the Microsoft provided solution:

For Internet explorer please follow exactly the same steps provided for Mozilla Firefox and solve your problem. See the picture given below for internet explorer:

ie pagesetup

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