Microsoft OneDrive Upcoming Major Changes – Teaser

Microsoft OneDrive Upcoming Major Changes

Microsoft has suggested that its OneDrive cloud storage service for file sharing and collaboration may undergo some very significant changes, but its opaque message leaves much to be desired.

Regular upgrades and new feature additions are made to the company’s whole product line, and they are then published on a specific roadmap website. “Share Experiences – Make External Sharing Easier” is the most recent upgrade to OneDrive (opens in a new tab).

We aim to make sharing easier when a client wants to collaborate with someone outside of their company, but we seldom go into depth.

Sharing files in OneDrive

We do know that the online version of One Drive will get the upgrade first, and it may do so as soon as this month. In addition, we are aware that it is undergoing testing.

The annual Microsoft developer and IT conference, Ignite, is now underway and has disclosed some interesting One Drive-related facts. Subtle rather than flashy, the updates focus on the background work of displaying recently accessed files and adding filters for categorizing different types of files.

Improvements to the sharing management interface include dedicated tabs for “people,” “meetings,” “shared by you,” “shared with you,” and “persons” (the latter two do a good job of categorizing shared files by owner or event). A presentation on a business blog shows how these filters work in tandem with others. B. Arrange documents by kind.

The company is working on an offline version of its OneDrive web app in the same vein as its Files On-Demand service for desktop users. Any modifications you make via the so-called Project Nucleus will be published as soon as a network connection is restored.

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