Reset Windows 7 Administrator Forgotten Password

Reset Windows 7 Administrator Forgotten Password

If you are a stand alone windows 7 user and you only have one user at your windows 7 computer than you can come across this error, lets assume you have forgotten your password and you can’t remember it despite of doing everything like remembering the password hint. Resetting of windows 7 password is just a matter of seconds, there are few things required to do this task like a writeable CD/DVD and ISO software.

I am going to share a small ISO file that can reset windows password in just few moments. You need to have another system where you can create a bootable CD from this given ISO and boot your system with this CD.

This situation arise due to windows administrator account because By Default, Windows 7 administrator accounts comes in disabled mode. If you like to save yourself from this situation either you have to enable your windows 7 administrator account so that you can login with another account and change your password or you can use this simple and easy to use utility. This utility will erase your old password and you will login without any password to your system. After that you can set another password, the best way is to create two users and write your password to some place where you can access any time. You can use any password database to store your passwords like keypass.

How to use this ISO file?

Download this ISO file and write it on a writeable CD with any free ISO writer.

Boot your system with CD and follow the onscreen instructions.

Instructions given in this ISO file are very easy. you just need to select the appropriate option and reset will be done by this password reset utility.

Use the under given link to download the ISO file.

Reset Windows Administrator Password CD ISO

Reset Windows Administrator Password Bootable USB

How to make a Bootable USB drive

  • Copy all the files that are inside the or on the CD onto a USB drive, directly on the drive, not inside any directory/folder.
  • It is OK if there are other files on the USB drive from before, they will not be removed.
  • Install bootloader on the USB drive, from command prompt in windows (start the command line with “run as administrator” if possible)
    • X:syslinux.exe -ma X:
  • Replace X: with the drive letter the USB drive shows up as (DO NOT USE C:)
  • If it seems like nothing happened, it is usually done.
  • However, a file named ldlinux.sys may appear on the USB drive, that is normal.
  • It should now in theory be bootable.
  • Please know that getting some computers to boot from USB is worse than from CD, you may have to change settings, or some will not simply work at all.

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  1. I have tried the ISO image but it doesn’t work with my Windows 8 laptop. Eventually I removed the password using PCUnlocker Live CD.


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