No suitable device found: No device found for connection CentOS

No suitable device found: No device found for connection CentOS

No suitable device found, No device found for connection was the error I faced. I encountered this issue while I was migrating a Virtual machine created and managed in PHPVBOX. I converted this virtual machine using the PHPVBox utility and wanted to use this on Hyper-V. It took me around two hours to figure out what was the actual problem. The problem was “There was no integration tools installed for Linux on Guest Operating System”. Integration tools are required for the installation and configuration of different devices like mouse, keyboard and network. I installed these tools and created the Ethernet connection again and rebooted the virtual machine on hyper-v and it worked!!!!. Under given is the method, how I did this:

  1. Converted the Virtual machine from phpvbox and registered on my hyper-v manager
  2. Download “Linux Integration Disk” for Hyper-V from Microsoft
  3. Mount the ISO Image file on guest operating system
  4. Run under Linux Integration Services CD’s RHEL63 Directory.
  5. Create IFCFG-ETH0 file. vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0
  6. Insert following lines DEVICE=eth0 BOOTPROTO=dhcp ONBOOT=yes
  7. SAVE and QUIT
  8. Edit or Create Network File vi /etc/sysconfig/network
  9. Insert following lines NETWORKING=yes HOSTNAME=Server FQDN
  10. Restart the virtual machine and you will be good to go!!

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