[Solved] Intel Rapid Storage Technology: There is a Pending Reboot for this Product

Intel Rapid Storage Technology: There is a Pending Reboot for this Product

The Dell systems are the most reliable systems in the world. This are managed in a better way. Systems are good and labor work can be done. This strange problem happened to me while uninstalling Intel Rapid Storage Technology software from programs and features. This error was popping up “There is a Pending Reboot for this Product”. Restarted the system multiple times. Still the same error. I tried almost everything to get rid of it. Why i was trying to uninstall this software?

Solved: There is a Pending Reboot for this Product

My dell laptop was draining the battery even if it was shutdown properly. I experienced this issue multiple times and Google suggested to uninstall this software. There was no way to uninstall it. I tried the tools to uninstall the applications from Windows but nothing worked. I decided to take the risk and used the registry hack. To get rid of this issue, I removed under given registry key.


How to Open Registry?

  • Go to run menu (Windows key + R)
  • type regedit and press enter. (You must be administrator of your computer)

Why I removed this key? The uninstall was trying to access this key. It was getting the permission error. I removed the key manually and tried again. It worked without any problem and the Intel Rapid Storage Technology application was uninstalled without any problem.


The things can go wrong because of human error. Better safe than sorry. Make sure you have registry backup to recover in case of any problem. You must also know the process to restore the registry.

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6 thoughts on “[Solved] Intel Rapid Storage Technology: There is a Pending Reboot for this Product”

  1. I don’t know how I got here, but when I tried to get here again I couldn’t and I had to check my broswer history.

    Ohh, yeah, I looked for “intel rapid still reboot” (without the “”). I don’t know how I imagined to do that.

    Thanks! This really works.

  2. Thank you, instructions to delete the key worked. I was having trouble enabling real-time scanning for Total AV Antivirus, it said there was a conflict with Intel Rapid Storage. Couldn’t uninstall using the usual method so had to delete the registry key to achieve this.


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