synchronize your data with syncDesk

Most of the time I talk about security and today I would like to share something that is really important for the security of data in terms of data lose. Lets assume that you have a computer in office and work like anything and go back to home and in the evening something goes wrong with the computer or its broke down and you can’t get your data back at the very same day but you have to show your project or work to your boss what would you do? I have the solution and that is you have to use SyncDesk to synchronize all your data to your pen drive or your external hard drive can play a very good role at this moment. Check this very light and handy application that can save you from a big hassle.


How to set SyncDesk up?

  1. Download the zip file containing SyncDesk, and then extract it to the root folder of your external drive.
  2. Open SyncDesk.exe that is in the external drive you extracted SyncDesk in, and follow the instructions there!
  3. You have started using SyncDesk!


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