how to download and install all freeware just in one click on a fresh PC

Very simple answer to this question, You need to find an application to do this task but a more easy and simple answer to this question is that you can go online select the required freeware and click Get Installer and you are done. Are you tired of looking around to collect the best and free software for your PC? Are you feeling dizzy to find and install the must-have applications when you buy a new laptop/desktop or restore your system? If so, DO NOT worry. FreeApp can do all the work easily and effectively for you and its off course free. Check the under given pictures to get a better idea;

Get Installer

All you need to do just:

1. Choose the programs you like best.
2. Get FreeApp installer.
3. Have a cup of coffee and all work will be automatically done in a few minutes.

click desired

click desired1

Click desired2

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