Why You Should Buy 802.11ac instead of 802.11n

Why You Should Buy 802.11ac instead of 802.11n

Why You Should Buy 802.11ac instead of 802.11n is the question of the day and the answer is because business needs are growing day by day so does the requirement of WIFI network. WIFI networks are much more easier than setting up the wired infrastructure. They also gives a very clean look to the office environment. one more important thing which is time saving, is the biggest factor of choosing this type of connectivity. WIFI requires less time to setup, secure and configure in any existing environment. The only drawback in this type of connectivity is the speed available. Although, for home users there is no problem but for businesses there must be good speed, reliable connectivity and continuous uptime.


N type of WIFI routers will most likely gives you the speed around 450Mbps.

802.11ac has a very reasonable speed and it can be up to 1.7Gbps which is good enough for internet usage and home offices. Please check this link for complete information about the speed.

The speed of this type of WIFI connectivity is not important but most important thing is that at a long range it gives good and fast speed. Performance of 802.11ac is maintained far better at long range than 802.11n.

A year ago 802.11ac Access Point and WIFI routers were hard to find and very expensive. Now a days they even available in Pakistan and you can place an order online to equip your office with a very wonderful and reliable device.

Price of these devices are coming down day by day and you can find a good Access Point in just $180.

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