Microsoft teams Upcoming changes

Microsoft Teams Upcoming changes

Microsoft Teams upcoming changes during April and June 2022, the One Drive team implemented several updates and new features, and we are happy to share them with you now. We are still doing all in our power to make it easy for you to access and share files with both internal and external colleagues since this is crucial to your success in the modern, hybrid workplace.

April 2022

Anonymous meeting unites over clouds

You may attend meetings hosted on other clouds with a false identity using the Teams desktop client. You were previously directed to use the Teams web experience to join a meeting hosted on a cloud different than your tenant’s. Since businesses may now join meetings in the GCC clouds from their desktops, meeting quality has improved. This function takes advantage of the meeting set for allowing anonymous attendees. Having these preferences set will prevent the need to make any more adjustments.


Usability improvements to notifications in meetings for iOS

Meeting system notifications will now show in a drawer at the top of your screen, from which you may clear them all with a single press. One tap now previews, collapses, and dismisses all notifications. This helps reduce the number of notifications you get on your phone when in a meeting.

ROLLED BACK from public preview: Usability improvements to in-meeting  notifications - Microsoft Community Hub

Deleting large folders

To facilitate a more orderly work environment, we have included the option to delete whole folders (containing up to 10,000 items) at once. The implication is that after a project is over, you may clean up your OneDrive and SharePoint libraries of any unnecessary files.

Windows 10 KB4532693 update is allegedly deleting files

Logitech RoomMate

The IT department may set up Teams Rooms for Android on the Logitech RoomMate computer appliance in any kind of conference room. A roommate may be used as a replacement for a regular Windows Team Rooms PC. When combined with a Logitech Tap touch controller and a ConfereneCam like MeetUp, Rally, or Rally Plus, it may be used to outfit Android-powered Teams Rooms of varying sizes. For locations that need specialized audio, RoomMate is compatible with industry leaders like Biamp, QSC, and Shure. Because of its scalable architecture, RoomMate provides everything you need for HD video conferencing on one or two displays while remaining out of sight.

Logitech RoomMate - Computing Appliance for Video Conferencing

May 2022

Quickly switch between document libraries

We’ve added a dropdown to both OneDrive and SharePoint so you can quickly choose from among the many document libraries associated with your Teams team or SharePoint site. Using the Dropdown library icon, you may rapidly switch between different document repositories.

More efficient organization and better access to what you need in OneDrive  - Microsoft Community Hub

Horizontal participant gallery

To make the most of the available space, the participant video feeds may be shown horizontally and positioned below the meeting stage during the presentation of materials or the highlighting of certain guests. You may change where the participant gallery appears on the Teams Rooms control panel by using the layout selection tool. More details about this addition to the May 2022 update may be found on this page.

What's New in Microsoft Teams | June 2022 - Microsoft Community Hub

Pin important files to Quick Access

Those frequently used One Drive destinations may be added to the service’s Quick Access section, making it easier to find and open them. If you pin a document library, it will be shown at the very top of the Quick Access menu. You may also remove document libraries from the pinned section of the Quick Access toolbar.

Pin, remove, and customize in Quick access

Give and Take Control of Teams on VDI for Citrix

Citrix’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) now works with Microsoft Teams’ Give and Take Control functionality. Shared contents from a presentation may be managed by a meeting participant by taking and giving control of the presentation during a screen-share session. In a meeting, one member may share their materials with another to present or amend files. Both the presenter and the meeting participant have the power to halt the exchange at any time.

Microsoft Teams on VDI gets more features for calls and meetings - Microsoft  Community Hub

June 2022

File browsing in Teams

When you go to a Teams channel and choose the Files tab at the top, you will now be redirected to One Drive to power your experience. Working with Microsoft Teams, you may use familiar tools to swiftly move or copy your files to another library.

You can access your files in Microsoft Teams the same way you do in OneDrive and SharePoint by moving between document libraries that are connected to different Teams channels (public and private).

Recent files in MS Teams - Microsoft Community

For macOS, the OneDrive Sync Admin Reports are now available in Public Preview.

Using OneDrive Sync Admin Reports for macOS, you may learn more about who in your organization is using the OneDrive Sync client on macOS and whether or not there have been any problems. When you open the OneDrive Sync health dashboard, you’ll be presented with an overview of the service’s use throughout your organization. On the left, you can see the percentage of devices that are experiencing sync problems. The percentage of business devices that can access recognized folders may be immediately seen in the centralized hub. When it comes to data security, OneDrive is helping out

Calling macOS Admins: OneDrive Sync Reports are in Public Preview! -  Microsoft Community Hub

Meeting Chat Bubbles on iOS and Android

Chat bubbles are now available for use on mobile devices running iOS and Android. With chat bubbles enabled, the two most recent conversation messages will appear on the mobile device’s display for review. When in a group chat, you may now peek at the conversation without opening the window. When at a meeting, you may momentarily silence them by pressing the snooze button. If that’s the case, choose Permanently deactivate chat bubbles from the More Actions menu.

What's New in Microsoft Teams Feature Spotlight – Meeting Chat Bubbles on  iOS and Android - Microsoft Tech Community

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