Style Guide to prepare an SLA (Service Level Agreement)

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Style Guide How to Prepare Copy The SLA Editing and Approval Process Styles from A to Y Words: Spelling, Capitalization, Hyphenation Confusing Words All the above points are discussed very beautifully in the attachment given with this post. [download id=”3″]

Control Multiple Microsoft Windows system with one keyboard/mouse

Input Director is a Windows application that lets you control multiple Windows systems using the keyboard/mouse attached to one computer. It is designed for folks who have two (or more) computers set up at home and find themselves regularly sliding from one system to the other (and wearing out the carpet in the process!). With …

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NOW Virtual BOX 3.0 for LINUX supports 3D and OpenGL2.0

VirtualBox, the popular, amazing, open-source, virtualization software from Sun Microsystems, reached version 3.0.0 a few minutes ago. This major update brings lots of new features, many bugfixes and improvements over previous 2.x versions. The big and breathtaking news is that users can now use Direct3D 8 and 9 games or applications! Moreover, with VirtualBox 3.0.0, …

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How to check “Who Is Hacking Your System?”?

Watch a Hollywood film and it’ll depict hackers as fast-talking American kids – pale faced, coke swilling, super-smart and capable of doing the impossible. This is, of course, a fiction. If you were a career computer criminal, would you choose to base yourself in a country with mature computer crime laws and strong-arm enforcers? No. …

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10 Great Applications to Convert Audio and Video Files in Linux

With the different audio and video formats available, there is often the need to inter convert amongst them – sometimes for quality and sometimes for compatibility. Here are some of the better software, that you can use to achieve the inter conversions on your Linux box. Sound Converter Available via the package manager, Sound converter …

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Out of Memory Error of Tomcat 6 on Microsoft windows

Open the Apache Tomcat configuration app in sys tray, and on the "Java" tab, bump up the initial memory pool size and the maximum memory pool size to 512 Initial and 768 Max, click Ok In Program FilesApache software FoundationTomcat 5.0bincatalina.bat, in the last section immediately after "rem Execute Java with the applicable properties", insert …

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Out of memory error of tomcat on Debian 5.0 Lenny

The error appears because a standard Java VM (tomcat runs with such a VM) allocates only a standard value of memory. On some machines tomcat needs more memory because the OXtender for MS Outlook. Solution: To avoid that tomcat runs out of memory, the following line has to be added to the beginning of the …

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ITIL V3 lifecycle (Five Books)

As I wrote in my previous post about ITIL version 3, that is consisting 5 core books. I like to share those books with you guys so if somebody is not able to purchase those very costly books he/she can download these books from under given links. Service strategy Strategy.pdf Service Design Design.pdf …

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Install Windows XP on SATA without SATA Driver

Default windows xp installers are not coming with SATA hard drive driver. To install windows XP on SATA enabled LAPTOPS and Desktop machines you have to download the SATA driver and rebuild your windows XP CD. There is another simple and easy way to overcome this problem. Restart your system and go to SETUP (BIOS) …

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Recover E-mail Password from Microsoft Outlook

It is very easy to recover your forgotton email password from Microsoft Outlook using this utility. Its a portable utility that needs no installation and configuration. Download the file and place it anywhere in your system. Just double click and it will show you all the passwords saved in Microsoft Outlook.