Windows 10 Screen Auto Lock After Few Seconds

Windows 10 Screen Auto Lock After Few Seconds

Windows 10 is equipped with very good features. This post is not about the information of those features. Windows 10 automatically locks the screen to protect unauthorized access. New feature can lock the screen as soon as your phone’s Bluetooth is out of range. This post is also not about this feature. Windows 10 screen auto lock after few seconds. This was happening with me early this morning even I was working. I was having a call with a client and shared my screen. This happened during the screen share.

windows screen locks after few seconds

searched the internet a bit but was not able to find anything relevant. Started my own hit and trial to solve this annoying issue. I found a simple solution. Before moving towards the solution, i would like to share something about this problem. Why this happen? I recently updated the Skype to most updated version. Skype gave me option to use the preview to switch to new skin. I am a bit old fashioned so tried to stick with the old one. Once I was done with the installation started using the system and suddenly this problem started to occur.


One reason could be the Skype. Microsoft might wanted the user to move to preview more quickly. This is in the history Microsoft to provide half cooked solutions and once they are in the market. They start working on them and fix the issue gradually.


I removed the old version of Skype and installed the preview version. It temporarily solved my problem. At least its not coming on my computer any more. There might be any other reason as well. I will keep trying to use my system in case of any problem, Surely will contact Microsoft for some permanent solution. Till that time, I am going to live with this solution. In case you find this post useful, Please share with your social media friends.

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